From Our Minister of Music

This weekend our family was finally able to take some time to get away to the mountains. Each of us desperately needed a break from our jobs, houses and daily obligations in order to refresh, reflect and just “be.” It is always during these times that I wish time would just freeze for a little longer so I can soak in the bliss of the presence of love in the beauty of God’s creation. I try my best to take it all in and en-case it in a memory capsule so I can pull it out on the most frantic of days, but it is just not the same. When I am watching the last of the morning mist evaporate from the face of the lake or the last sunset over the ocean, a sadness creeps over me. I remind myself not lose the joy of the moment by allow-ing my thoughts to distract me and to stay in the present. I tell myself that the present (now) is the present (gift).

So often this is how we approach worship. We feel the warmth of our God family round about us and are soaking in the joy and love that is flooding flowing in music, scripture, prayer and the atmosphere of the room and then the thoughts of the next day’s work agenda, lunch, or what needs to still be accomplished at home before the weekend ends begins to steal our experience. It takes discipline and focus to allow ourselves to stay in the present but if we do, His presence will give us an everlasting gift – a present that far outweighs even the most idyllic vacation.

May His love, peace and joy fill you through and through!