Great Joy!

“Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you have refreshed the heart of the saints.” Philemon 1:7

This past Sunday Rev. Profitt preached on Philemon 1:4-7. He used this text to elaborate on these three traits of a holy friend: One who keeps you accountable and challenges you when the warning signs of sin appear in your life; a person who recognizes and cultivates areas of giftedness in your life; and someone who helps you dream and have vision for the future. A friend always has your best interests and well-being in mind. Last week I celebrated 9 years of ministry with Royston Baptist. Throughout these past 9 years, you all have demonstrated these traits to me and you have refreshed my heart. Here are some of the more specific areas I appreciate: 

• A loyal, committed, talented, and hard working choir. 
• Wonderful youth and helpful teachers who encourage kids to sing to the Lord
• Encouraging and supportive church leadership who have hold me accountable and have given me the freedom and grace to grow and learn over the years. 
• A loving, wise, and understanding pastor teamed with great staff who work together to accomplish our mission here at RBC. 
• A church family that has been receptive to changes in the worship format, style and creative elements as well as one that has loved me and my family both in the challenging and joyful seasons on my life.

Thank you for the past 9 years and I hope you all will continue “refreshing the heart of the saints” as we work together to grow God’s kingdom here in Royston. May the fruit of our labor impact the world with the message of hope!

With love and gratitude,