In His Time

I pray our Kairos themed year has challenged and blessed you. This focus has impacted my life in several positive ways. Looking through the lens of time has reinforced how precious and significant the gift of time is. It is the one commodity that you can never get back and if we use it wisely, God can do supernatural work through our giving it over to Him. I used to think that I just needed to work harder to cram in more work for God in the minutes God has given me in a typical day. I realize today that when I give Him the best of my day – the first fruits in time, prayer, focus and quiet listening that he multiplies the productivity of my day. He streamlines my time into making better choices by choosing things each day that are of value my spiritual health, physical health, relationships, and ministry to others through my work and service to others. Ultimately, our life is the best expression of worship we can give to God through simple daily choices and listening for His “appointed times” along the way. Ecclesiastes 3:1 states,

“There is an appointed time for everything and there is a time for every event under heaven.” 

We are entering the season where the Worship Choir will take a summer rest and the Worship Team will lead in their absence from June through mid-August. I hope you will express your appreciation to the choir’s dedication, time investment, and excellence they demonstrate throughout the year in leading worship, special music, and cantatas. We have such a talented group and I am very blessed to both love and lead them!