Behold, A Savior!

Jesus, our Messiah is the fulfillment of all the prophecies … the reality in flesh of the promised one spoken through the ages as the One who would bring redemption to His people. He is the King who would be born in a manger and rule our hearts through his example as a loving, humble servant. The birth of our Savior means that we no longer walk in darkness. We have seen a great light! Jesus is the savior who broke through time itself to give the ultimate sacrifice that gives us the gift of eternity for all who believe in Him and give their lives to Him. This Sunday, we present a beautiful production of scripture, monologues from the perspectives of Zechariah, Joseph, Mary, the shepherds and wise men. The choir has been rehearsing since September to bring you the beautiful songs of this production to bless you and guide you into the heart of the Christmas season. We hope to see you this Sunday at 11:00 as we present, “Behold, A Savior!”

Joy to the world, the Lord has come!