Easter Sunday is such a glorious event, filled with the power of the conquering, Risen King! I am still basking in the awe of what Jesus did for me and for all of us through the sacrificial act of taking on the sin of the world and beating death itself. I hope you were blessed by our Easter service. The choir worked very hard to prepare a wonderful presentation. I’d like to thank all the choir members who practiced for weeks both at home and in our joint rehearsals to prepare this special tribute of victory. Dr. Hugh Kirby and Jessica Moorhead did a fantastic job narrating and Ashleigh Moore’s solo was outstanding! Kristen Harris dedicated many hours to preparing and running our sound for the presentation on Sunday and on Wednesday nights. Beth Chitwood was excellent in accompanying rehearsals on the piano and jumping in to join in singing for the final presentation! 

In addition to the musical presentation, many people worked behind the scenes to prepare the cross, providing extra flowers for those who may have not brought flowers, and the family of Mack Brown was generous to bless us with the gorgeous flower arrangements in the sanctuary in honor of him. It was a special day, made possible by God’s family all working together to make a memorable experience. I pray you were blessed and will store it up in your heart the remainder of the year!

May we all walk in the blessing of grateful and hopeful hearts!