Find your wilderness

Dr. Hugh Kirby

Dr. Hugh Kirby

Everywhere I go these days I run into someone who talks about being so busy. I know, it’s the time of the year when we must purchase that last gift or wrap all the purchased ones. There is preparation to be done in anticipation of the family getting together. We truly are loaded down with “to do” lists. It just seems to be the norm to be busier at Christmas with each passing year.       

I’m not inferring that we should change all the things that cause us to be busy. I just want to sound a note for finding some time in this busy season for “being still” or gearing down and catching our breath or being alone with our Lord. For me it is finding time for solitude.      

Throughout my life I have made it my habit to structure my time where I have solitude.  My go to place for quiet and solitude has been the wilderness. My favorite wilderness place is the woods and streams. In fact, when I have been faced with major decisions or struggling with difficulty, walking in some wilderness has been the correct medicine for me. Psalm 46:10 is my go to verse for scripture verse “be still (or quiet) and know that I am God”.

I do hope that you can find your wilderness place this Christmas season and reflect on the birth of our Lord.