On four different occasions, our son and I have canoed the Boundary Waters between Canada and the USA. Those trips have filled our memories with a lifetime of experiences. Each one added something to the previous experience. 

Our first experience was the most remembered. We were certainly novices in all things Boundary Waters. We had prepared ourselves as thoroughly as possible. We did our homework on food, fishing, camping, bear-proofing, and safety. 

So when we set out from Moose Lake outside of Ely, Minnesota we were ready for an all day paddle of nearly forty miles. Our goal was the South Arm of Knife Lake. We had gone over and over our maps making sure to mark the various portages to ensure a safe journey to our chosen campsite. 

As we pushed off from the outfitters dock we headed toward the far end of Moose Lake. We hit our rhythm after half an hour and were ready for the long haul. We could see the end of the Lake and all we had to do was look out for the portage. The closer we got to the end of the lake we began to realize that what we were looking at was not the end of the lake but a very large island. 

That was the first of many experiences when our perspective would change. At the beginning of our trip we were certain we were looking at the end of Moose Lake. 

Everything we do in life is from a particular perspective and if we wish to grow as a christian and as a person, we must be willing to change our perspective. How do we change our perspective you ask? Being open to God’s leadership through His Holy Spirit!

-Dr. Hugh Kirby