Slow Down

Mary Kate and I have been enjoying our first kid-free vacation (Thank you, SueSue and TomTom, for taking care of the girls while we are away!). The first part of our trip was spent in Southwest Harbor, Maine officiating (William) and directing (Mary Kate) the wedding of one of my childhood friends and his beautiful bride. We are spending the rest of our vacation in Portland, Maine. This is our first time to “Vacationland” and it has certainly lived up to the hype! 

I could write much more about our adventures - the snafu with our hotel reservation for which we had confirmation, yet they didn’t have us on their list; the gracious owners of the Seawall Motel who quickly made a room available for us and welcomed us as if we were longtime friends; our visit with a seminary professor who know owns and operates a B&B in Bar Harbor;

TONS of amazing food; visiting with one of Mary Kate’s college roommates and her family; our excursion to the L.L. Bean Flagship Store in Freeport. We will gladly share more of our stories and our recommendations for anyone looking for some fun vacation ideas. But, more than all of the fun experiences this vacation afforded us, this time away has allowed us to see some of the

most beautiful parts of God’s creation, or as Mamar (my grandmother who also is known to say “God love him!”) would say, “God’s beautiful world!”

Whether it is the fall foliage reflecting off of the calm waters of Echo Lake; or the various harbors with a variety boats and buoys that are sure to become a jigsaw puzzle; or the winding roads surrounded by trees and leaves of every variety and color that lead to the top of Cadillac Mountain where you can then look back over the expanses of more mountains and trees and harbors and lakes; or a sunrise over Lake Hartwell (Deborah posted some amazing pictures on Facebook!); or the birds-chirping, breeze-blowing, coffee-sipping scene off of your own porch, God’s Beautiful World is all around us.

Slow down. Take time to notice the beauty and grace of God’s creation. Be still. Look. Listen. Take a moment to see God’s Beautiful World, and I bet you will also encounter God.


-William Deal