A Training Church


I have been a member of Royston Baptist Church since 2004. Throughout these fourteen years there has been one theme that surfaces often. It goes like this, “Why is it that we get young pastors and train them up only to have them move on to bigger churches?”  I’m hearing that now as we search for a new pastor. I have a perspective on that. I want to share it with you.

I served three large congregations as an Associate Pastor- Minister of Education. I worked with three outstanding Senior Pastors. I learned much from each of those men. However, when I went to my first Church as pastor, I was a freshman pastor.  It takes a special congregation to shepherd a freshman pastor regardless of his or her experience.  As my years increased in that church I learned that most of the pastors that preceded me were also freshman pastors. That congregation understood and accepted its mission as as being a great starting place for freshman pastors. They too watched them grow and earn Doctors degrees. Those churches are rare indeed.

From my perspective our church is one of “those” churches. Last week I looked into our history. In the 136 years we have been serving this area, the average length of our Pastors stay has been 4.6 years. We have been the training ground from which greatness has an opportunity to develop. While we all hurt when a loved pastor leaves us. We must change our perspective and see just how much God has used us for the betterment of His Kingdom.

Come on young Pastor and inherit the legacy from which greatness can occur!

In Love,

Dr. Hugh Kirby