Local Missions

At the conclusion of Luke’s gospel, Jesus addresses his disciples one last time before ascending into Heaven. His words to them: “take the message of repentance and salvation to the entire world—beginning in Jerusalem “. That message is our marching orders today! Our Jerusalem is Royston, GA.

The Mission Committee of our church for the past years has located special needs in our community where we can serve as God’s messengers. This year’s Mission Blitz is scheduled for April 14th from 8:00am—12:00 noon.

We need team members to do the following tasks: (1) yard work at two different locations, (2) a team to do house cleaning, (3) a team to visit our home bound and members in assisted living facilities, (4) a team for childcare. This team will assist the children with craft projects that will be delivered to folks in area care facilities, and finally (5) a team to prepare lunch for all to enjoy when we assemble back at the church at 12:00 noon.

I urge you to come and be a part of this mission effort. There is a team waiting for you!

This work could not be done without the wonderful leadership of our mission committee: Dana Esco, Jina Harris, Kristen Harris, Colleen Phillips and Ryan Swails. When you see one of these members please thank them for their hard work and planning—better still, sign up to be a part of this mission experience. Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board next to the church library.

Do yourself proud!