What is the greatest gift you have ever received?


During the Children’s Sermon this past Sunday, I asked “what is the greatest gift you have ever received?” I fully expected to hear a myriad of answers about video games and Shopkins and skateboards and American Girl Dolls and basketball hoops and hatchimals. If I were to have been asked that question when I was a kid, I would have raised my hand… (scratch that. I wouldn’t have raised my hand; I would have blurted out my answer with no regard to proper decorum. This was my biggest struggle growing up. I always had something to say! I know, I know - you are reading this and thinking to yourself, ‘so, what’s changed!?’) … If I were to have been asked that question when I was a kid, I would have just started talking, excitedly telling you about the letter from Santa that my brother and I discovered under the tree on Christmas morning when I was 7 years old. Santa left a letter to inform us that one of our Christmas presents was too big to fit inside the house. We ran as fast as possible to the backyard to discover the best. present. ever. - A TRAMPOLINE!

Maybe I should have given our amazing RBC Kids more credit and expected that they were already picking up what I was putting down by asking this question. Without any hesitation one of our beloved kids answered, “The greatest gift I have ever received was when Jesus came into my heart!”

Preach, preacher! Isn’t Jesus the greatest gift we all have received? We can learn a thing or two from the youngest disciples in our church!

The sun had barely come up on that Christmas morning, and the outdoor temperature was barely above freezing, but I ran outside to jump on my brand-spanking-new-Santa’s-sleigh-delivered trampoline. Barely stopping my bounce, I leapt from the trampoline, and ran back inside our house, picked up the phone to call some of my neighborhood friends to invite them over to share the joy of my amazing Christmas gift. In my 7-year-old mind, it was the best gift I had ever received and I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends.

What would happen if we were as excited about sharing the gift of Jesus with others as I was about my trampoline? How would our lives change if we couldn’t wait to share the Greatest Gift with as many people as possible? To keep this gift to ourselves and not share it freely and passionately would be an injustice to the Gift and the Giver. 

So, what is the greatest gift you have ever received? With whom will you share it?