Up For Debate

Have you ever been around someone who just loves to debate about everything? They debate about politics, religion, even what soap is the best to use. They simply debate for the sake of debating. Sometimes this can be fun and insightful, while other times it can just be obnoxious.

As Christians, we can often find ourselves in the middle of such debates. Whether God is real, whether Jesus is the only way to God, whether being a good, moral person is enough. Whatever the debate, someone will be out there that will find someway to debate what we have to say or even what the Word of God as to say. At Move Conference earlier this month, one of the speakers, Clayton King, spoke about this very issue. He talked about how people can argue anything and everything that you believe in and stand for. But there is one thing that no one can argue with you: Your Story.

Your Story. You experiences with God, how he has loved you, protected you, gave you strength when you had none left, and most importantly, how he changed you. Try as the world might, they can’t argue with your story and your life. So when you feel the world around you questioning and debating whether God is even real, look at your life and your story and find solace in the truth. No one can take away from you what God has done in your life. Let us hold on to this truth as we make our way through this world to further His Story with the testament Our Story.


Caleb T. Brewer