Thinking on My Time at Royston Baptist Church

As I reflect on my time here at Royston Baptist, I can’t help but be overcome with joy. Seeing the youth grow in their walk with God, seeing them make strides in their lives is so encouraging. Four years ago, I would never have imagined being in a church and adding value to it. From working in the nursery, to guiding the youth and to even be up there on Sunday morning welcoming you to church. 

All of these things are blessings and it saddens me to know my time here is up. My hope and prayer is that the church continue to grow and help one other. To continue to do nothing but love everyone they encounter, to take special care of the youth and to welcome newcomers with open arms. Although my time here is done, ministry never ends. 

Erin and I are blessed with the opportunity to begin a special needs ministry in Locust Grove, Ga. we ask for prayers as we enter into our lives together and as we continue in our careers and endeavors. Royston Baptist will always be my first church family and words can’t describe how special this place is to me.

-JT Turner