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With all that goes on in life, whether it is a start to a new school year or a new season in life, things can get pretty crazy. However, one thing that always remains the same is God. With that said His love stays the same. I find that sometimes throughout life that is one thing we take for granted. Romans 3:23 states that all have fallen short of the glory over God and later on in chapter 6 verse 23 it states that the wages of sin is death. Therefore, we all deserve death because we all sin. His love is so patient and available it is something that I overlook at times. We fall short every day of Him and we need Him so much every day that it is over looked the fact that He is there for us every time. This love, so mysterious that would surround us, out of all people. A love so undeserving and faithful. It always gets me when I think about the immediate love Jesus had for the people crucifying Him on the cross. Asking His own father to forgive the people who were hurting Him physically and emotionally. Saying forgive them Lord for they do not know what they are doing. What a powerful and pure love. I encourage everyone, and myself, to go throughout the day remembering that love is radiant and flowing through everyone one of you. I have seen so much of that love here at Royston Baptist and would love to see that to continue to grow and overflow in to our community!