From Our Children's Minister

Wow!! What an awesome week of Vacation Bible School we had! We are so blessed to have so many willing to give of their time to make an event like this successful! I would really like to thank all those involved. You all made my job so easy. I believe some of us adults enjoyed it as much as the kids. We were able to serve 70 plus kids this past week. I know that God will continue to grow those seeds that were planted this week. I really hope to see some of those kids back with us for Sunday school and Wednesday night programs.

So with VBS behind us for another year, I am excited about what our kids will be doing next. Just a heads up, Levi and Josiah are getting ready for camp. They are really excited about camp! They came up with a great fundraising idea. The two of them are working on memorizing 10 verses, and they will be looking for people willing to help them reach their goal of $300 for camp by giving per verse memorized. Be ready when they come to you with their pledge sheet. I am excited for them. I know they will do a great job. I am very proud of them!

I am also excited about what’s coming this fall. I am forming a great team and we are working on a new mission based pro-gram for Wednesday nights. I hope to give our kids a better understanding of what missionaries do and how we can help. Also, I want to help them become missionaries right here in our own backyard! We hope to add energy and excitement to the program and have fun while learning!

Can you tell I am very passionate about our kids? Please pray with me for our community, our church, our own kids, and those we plan to reach. God has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others. God is good!