Summertime at RBC

    Let me tell you about summer so far at RBC! We turned the sanctuary into a giant submarine and got totally Submerged in God’s word with 70 plus kids and 20 plus volunteers during the best VBS week ever! Lifeway really out did themselves with the theme this year. We all danced and sang the songs, made amazing crafts and Verne and Jules (played by myself and Pastor Barlow) wrestled a giant octopus in the choir loft! The Bible lessons we heard each day taught us so much about God’s great love for us and the plan He has for each of us. We also got to hear stories of missionaries and took on a mission project of our own. The boys versus the girls competition to raise money was neck and neck all week and we raised over $1,000!

    We packed up VBS on a Friday afternoon, put the church back in order and got ready for 2 weeks of Jammin Jubilee. During these two weeks we welcomed 50 plus more kids from our area. We danced a little more, sang songs, did Martial Arts, Legos, art and even a little sensory science.

    Each Sunday morning through the month of June, we put up a tent and enjoyed our music and Sunday school Bible lesson outside. We sat around the make believe campfire on cushions and pillows and ate our snacks taking our music, fun and laughter outside the children’s hall for a little change and adventure.

    As you can see, summer has been a busy time for the children’s ministry.  Keep on the lookout for more opportunities in July as the children get ready for the wet and wild day on July 20th and camp starting July 26th.