The Fun is Contagious

    Wednesday nights, the corner preschool room is THE place to be! Ms. Joy, with the help of Ms. Amy, takes our Mission Friends class on a real adventure or maybe the Mission Friends take Ms. Joy and Ms. Amy on an adventure…. whichever it is, everyone is having fun! You can hear the giggles from the hallway outside the classroom. 

The fun is contagious! 

    Mission Friends has become one of the fastest growing areas in our children’s department, even outgrowing their classroom. This coming Wednesday Ms. Joy, Ms. Amy and RBC Mission Friends are moving down the hall to their new classroom and we couldn’t be more excited. 

    Each week, Mission Friends are taught how important our missionaries are to us. Ms. Joy and Ms. Amy really make learning fun and exciting as RBC Mission Friends experience what it’s like to be a missionary in a foreign country. They learn about the culture, food, weather and even how the missionary serves the people of a particular country. Each month, as Mission Friends discover a new country and a new missionary family, they also discover how they can help. Mission Friends collect money for Lottie Moon and Global Hunger. 

    If you are a parent, look for the monthly newsletter ,Ms. Joy faithfully prepares for parents, to see how you can help and how you can encourage Mission Friends along the way.