Pride in our Church


I am so proud of our entire church!  Palm Sunday our kids, volunteers and college students worked together and did an amazing job. Ms. Zadie worked hard at teaching our kids the song; we practiced walking in with the palm leaves with the kids that were present for Sunday school.  The big moment came and even more kids came in for Worship and we quickly gathered more palm leaves and they followed just perfectly. We got the youth involved and they hid the eggs while the kids were being taught by their Sunday school teachers. We have the best teachers around. After the worship hour came the covered dish lunch. Everyone pitched in and brought food. It is amazing to see our church family fellowship together.  The Hostess council worked hard and everyone had plenty to eat. It is so important for our kids to see the workings of other areas of the church and this event brought it all together. 

Thank you Royston Baptist for the love and support you give to our children’s department. It really does take a village!