VBS Hacks

Teresa Phillips

Teresa Phillips

So awhile back, I found this article about life hacks for VBS and I kind of used it, I mean that’s what life hacks are for, right?

Here are some suggestions I have found helpful at Royston Baptist Church. My comments follow each life hack:

1. Share decorations. Network with churches in your area that are using the same VBS program so you can share large décor items for your opening/closing area.

Well, Our VBS this year was early so there was no church we could borrow from. 

2. Reuse your volunteers. Have the same volunteer lead your opening and closing celebration.

This one we do, and do and do! We have great volunteers!!

3. Use teens as leaders. Use your church’s youth group as Crew Leaders and Assistant Station Leaders. A lot of times, it’s easier to get teens to volunteer instead of adults.

This one we use for sure, but sometimes you still need adults with the youth.

4. Identify and assemble a decorating team early on.  Many times you’ll find art teachers, professional artists, or talented teens right in your congregation.

Our decorating team does a wonderful job!! That’s not a reason for my droopy eyes!

I think that it just takes a lot of energy to make VBS great; I think any Children’s minister who is passionate about what they do would say the same thing. VBS is the best week of the year and the whole staff works hard to make sure that it is exactly that! These kids are important to us and I think it shows in our droopy eyes and constant yawning! At the end of the week, we all know it is worth and we are already excited about next year!