New Website!

Royston Baptist Church has a new website!  It is an exciting day in the life of the church for many reasons.

This was one of the recommendations of the Long Range Planning Committee and within the first year one of the major items has been accomplished.  The website is a testimony to how seriously we are taking the recommendations and how swiftly the Implementation Committee is working to see that all of the Long Range Goals are met in reasonable time!

The new website serves as a new virtual front door.  It will give people who are moving into the area a chance to check us out online first and when they see an up to date, modern, and attractive site they are more likely to want to give us a chance in person. The new look website gives Royston Baptist Church the best chance of getting someone in the doors of the church, and we all know once they see what we are about inside the church there is a great chance they will join and become a part of the family! 

We will be able to share news and information across multiple mediums quickly. If we need to share an announcement you can check it out on the website. If we have a set of pictures or a video, we can easily place it on the website so everyone can see them. If we have a sign up for volunteers, we can place that on the website as well. The ease of communication should let everyone know what’s going on so everyone, visitors and members, can know what’s going on!

Our services will be on the website now. We have them available by DVD already and we put them on Facebook as well, but if you are computer savvy, give the church staff a couple of days… sometimes longer… and the Sundays service will be available to watch online. It’s a great way to share a message or a particular special music or drama skit with others outside of the church and let them be blessed as well! It communicates we are ready to grow!  The church is taking the steps to grow and a new website communicates that very clearly! The church is taking seriously it’s commitment to growing, and the new website is a step in that direction! I am very excited! I hope you will check it out and tell someone else to do so! 

 For the Kingdom,
Jonathan Barlow