One Person's Minor Surgery...

I preach this all the time, but living it out is a totally different thing. As many of you know, about the time you read this letter I should be recovering from minor back surgery. (I have grown to discover that minor surgery is only for those who are not having the procedure done.) As I write this newsletter article I am not worried about the surgery. Many of you have been praying for me alongside many other churches, family, and friends.

What concerns me is needing help! I preach all the time about the kingdom of God and how each of us must do our part. I lead Bible studies reminding you that we are a family and that we cannot go it alone. I talk to my staff about how we must trust one another and depend on one another. It appears I am going to get the chance to live that out.

So many of you have already offered to come by and do simple tasks that I will not be able to do. I want to say, "Oh thank you so much but I don't need your help,” because that's how I normally would react. But the bottom line is I won't be able to do it, and I'm having to learn a lesson about trusting others and depending on others.

I am greatly humbled and even more appreciative of the offers. It has taught me so much about what it means to truly depend on others and I haven't even had the surgery yet!

Thank you for being a loving congregation that cares deeply for me and for my family. I must be the luckiest pastor in the world!

On the Journey,
Jonathan Barlow