A Season of Prayer

There are seasons for pretty much everything under the sun.  Solomon said it best in Ecclesiastes and the rest of us have been rediscovering this bit of knowledge as we experience the different seasons as they come. 

Royston Baptist Church, our church needs to be in a season of prayer.  When this newsletter arrives to your home or when you read this online it will be July.  This means we have less than two months before we begin our fall kickoff, which will entail great strides to welcome our community into our church.  The planning has been in the works for over a year now and the advertising for these things are just getting underway, but none of that will matter without God being in the middle of it.

Will you be in prayer for our fall and for all the things that are coming this fall? I know the sun is beating down so hot in the early July that you can’t think about fall and football and kids going back to school; but will you commit to praying for our fall?  If God’s people pray, if the ear of God is bent to our petitions to meet the needs of people in this community, if we ask God to make us keenly aware of who needs to be in church and how we can invite them, if we pray for the Sunday school teachers and the greeters and the ministers and for each person that walks through the doors of the church I believe we will see God move! I believe God will be in the middle of it! 

There is a season for everything under the sun. As you gather with your family and thank God for this great nation and the freedom we have, will you add to your prayer list Royston Baptist Church and the fall? I am praying it will be exactly and only what God has in store, and I am hoping with all that I have in my being that it will be big and God will receive all the glory!

On the Journey,   
Jonathan Barlow

PS- Thank you for all the prayers, cards, meals, and calls. I am grateful! I am so very humbled and grateful. As of today, June 30th, I am feeling very well, moving around and experiencing very little pain.  I am certain that is because of the many prayers that have gone up from each of you and others. Happy Fourth of July!  God bless each of you and may God continue to bless our great nation!