Transitions are hard. We have many examples of this in the Bible: Moses handing over the mantel of leadership to Joshua, Saul losing the favor of God and David stepping up to be the leader of Israel, Jesus ascending and the apostles birthing the early church to name a few. Transitions are hard, but often with an opportunity for God to do something new and good.As many of you already know, Sheila Moncrief is transitioning to part time at Royston Baptist Church, staying on as Financial Manager. Thanks be to God she is not fully retiring, only semi-retiring. Sheila has been the “front door presence” of this church for twelve years. She and I have been in conversation over the past two years about the joy of retirement and when might be the best time for that transition to take place. She and I spoke at length, and then met with the Personnel Committee as well about what the transition will look like. After much prayer, Sheila has decided to work at Royston Baptist Church part time.

Beginning November 1st, Sheila will be in the office on Mondays and Thursdays. As you read this newsletter, the Nominating Committee is prayerfully asking people to serve as Front Desk Receptionist Volunteers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The Personnel Committee is meeting and looking for someone to fill a newly created Communication Manager position.

This will be a time of transition for Royston Baptist Church. Please be patient with the church office, the staff, and anything that isn’t quite like it ought to be in the next few months. We are all about to learn just how great Sheila has been and what a bedrock she has been in so many areas as we find ourselves learning how to try and move forward. As we transition, it will take us time to understand new systems, learn a new rhythm, and train new paid and volunteer workers. Transitions are always hard!

What can you do? Several things. Pray for Sheila as she will be transitioning as well. Send her a note expressing how much you love her and how grateful you are that she has chosen to continue to minister at Royston Baptist Church in this new role. Pray for the Personnel Committee. They have a big decision on their hands about hiring a new position. Pray God makes it clear and simple. Pray for the Nominating Committee as they ask people to serve at the front desk. Pray for those who God sees fit to fill those positions, that the volunteers will have a peace about serving. Pray for Royston Baptist Church to have patience in the meantime as the transition happens.

Transition is always a nerve-wracking and exciting time. God makes all things new. Pray God is working in the midst of all our transitions and God will make this new transition a great one.

On the Journey,
Rev. Jonathan Barlow

PS- I love you Sheila! I am so very grateful for all you have done these past five years and am looking forward to this new adventure as well!