Simply Christian: Relationships

N.T. Wright’s third leg of explaining Christian faith is relationships. Wright concludes about relationships something quite simple: relationships are hard. He contends God made us to be in relationship and living outside of community is detrimental if prolonged. He also determines relationships are work and the people of God must work diligently to make relationships meaningful and emblematic of God’s call for them to be holy.

I am certain this is far from revelatory. Each of us knows when a relationship sings with God’s holy touch upon it. We all know some couple, some friendship, some siblings that have something holy about them. And yet, how many of us have seen families torn apart by poor relationships, fathers won’t talk to their sons over something that happened years ago, sisters refuse to answer the phone because of hurtful words spoken in anger, friends are lost because of hot tempers or long distances, and then the truly horrific, abuse and neglect lead to separations that last lifetimes. Still with all the possible danger, Wright concludes relationship are crucial to Christian faith.

So, how are we doing at our relationships here at RBC? Are we connecting with our families, our small groups, our neighbors, our communities, and with our enemies? How are we building our relationships? This will be the emphasis for this year: Relationships. Get ready to hear more about how we are called to care for one another and care for our community as we begin our new emphasis this fall on: Relationships.

For the Kingdom,
Jonathan Barlow