The Wind

    On a run earlier this week, I noticed the power of the wind.  I was jogging down highway 29 passing all the normal sites- Royston First United Methodist Church, the old hospital, and Bojangles- when I noticed how much effort is was taking just to keep up the pace I was trying to run.  When I reached the Roystonian I turned around and headed back toward the valley, my slang for Pine Valley. Immediately I noticed the difference.  The wind which had been such a deterrent was now my best friend.  It was pushing me back toward home and the tailwind significantly aided my pace and the energy it took to run.

    Life has just these sorts of moments, doesn’t it?  At times no matter what we try, it seems there is resistance and struggle.  Whenever we make progress, we are met with a stumbling block that sets us back a couple of feet.  The sledding is tough and progress is hard to track.  In those moments in life, I encourage you to remember that God goes with you through the dry and weary season.  God is there, the same way God was there before when God’s people wandered through the wilderness, when they were just starting as a new church faced with all sorts of challenges, and when they were confronted with competing religions and false doctrines.  God continues to be faithful to God’s children.  God will not abandon you when the winds of life push hard against you.

    God doesn’t promise there will ever be a season of a tailwind either, but from my personal experience and in talking with many of you as well, it seems there are natural ebbs and flows where the tailwinds come.  I pray in the midst of your moments of leisure and pleasure, you remember it is God, as the third part of the Trinity, named the wind of God, the Holy Spirit that leads you through both the simple time and the hard time.  

    Give thanks and look for ways to share the moment tailwinds times with others.  In seasons and out of season, be prepared to share about the love of God with others.  When the wind is at your face, pray God be with you.  

    I hope the wind is at your back more than in your face, both as you run the streets and in the race of life.  More importantly, I pray you sense the wind of the Holy Spirit guiding you, no matter if the wind is with you or against you.