In the picture on the far right the anticipation is palpable for Peyton and Nolan.  Those boys are excited for the experience of LegoLand!  They can’t wait, but wait they must because the gates don’t open for another twenty minutes.  They are climbing the wall, quite literally and figuratively, because they could see that just beyond that gate was a world filled with wonder. There will be toys they had not seen, rides, and a playground the size of most folks home.  

As I watched our boys pace the LegoLand gate like a tiger at the zoo looking for a way out, what I am about to share with you didn’t dawn on me.  At the moment I was in full on “Dad mode.”  I was equipped with all the rhetoric, “Please stop climbing the wall,” “No, the store is not open yet,” “Please stop hitting your brother,” and on and on.  Waiting for me was a completely different experience.  I too wanted the gates to open, but my excitement was about the boys not tearing up the gate and finally getting to release that anticipatory energy out in the form of free play!

Once the children were in bed and Susan and I were reflecting on the day, the idea struck me, the boys were doing something everyone does and they were doing it better than me.  They were waiting.  They were waiting on something they wanted to happen.  They were waiting for an adventure.  They were waiting for a journey.  They were waiting on life to pick up the pace again.  They were waiting for promised fun.  They were waiting.  

The church is not emphasizing Lent this Year. We have no Lenten devotionals, no silence during the 11 am worship service, and no one reminding you of the forty day Lenten journey.  Even though the church is not emphasizing it this year, Lent is still happening.  Even though the church has not asked you to wait, you are still having to wait for the joy of Easter morning to come.  Even though the church is not emphasizing it, each of us is waiting on something in our own ways.  

What are you waiting on these days?  How are you waiting?  Is there any joy in your anticipation?  If your waiting could be captured in a picture, would you look like my boys, peering in great anticipation of all that will happen in the next season?  Would you be more like me in this story, dutifully waiting with an agenda; far less joyful and far more task oriented?   Is there a chance you are waiting in anger, standing at the gate fists white knuckled, jaw clenched, and beyond upset the gate has not opened up for you yet?  

We all wait.  Psalms 130:5-6 says, “I wait for the LORD,  my soul waits, and in his word I hope; my soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.”  Wait in hope.  Wait in anticipation of the joy of what God has in store for you.  If you must, climb the walls and run around and share with everyone the joy of your coming Adventure. An adventure with promised fun, experience, and as followers of Christ His return on Easter morning, which is a reminder of His second return.  We all wait, but how we wait matters!