Prepare our hearts

A lot will happen from this newsletter article to the next one in the life of the Church.  

  • Jesus will ride into town as the Messiah on a colt, not a stallion as expected.  
  • Jesus will be greeted by peasants and children, not commanders and high-ranking officials.
  • Jesus will overthrow tables outside the Temple, not governments and Kings.  
  • Jesus will wash the feet of his closest friends, not wash in the blood of his enemies.
  • Jesus will pray with his closest friends that what is coming will not actually be required while his friends fitfully sleep instead of pray.  
  • One of the twelve, Judas, will betray Jesus for monetary gain.  
  • Jesus will be stripped, beaten, bruised, mocked, whipped, carted around town, humiliated, and left to die beside two petty thieves.  
  • Jesus will say, “It is finished.”  

On March 27th, we will gather in our Sunday best with flowers to put on the cross and we will proclaim, along with a chorus that goes all the way back to Mary, “He is not here, He is risen!”


Prepare the hearts of your beloved for the journey of Holy Week and Easter Sunday morning.  Be with each person who will hear the greatest story ever told.  Break our hearts and make us ever grateful for the love you shared through your suffering.  Teach us again how to love sacrificially, how to forgive wholly, and how to live fully for You God.  Thank you for the life of Jesus, help us to learn and remember everything You want to teach us from Holy Week and Easter Sunday morning.  We love You!