Called Out

I read an interesting article the other day about a twenty-nine year old that retired.  This woman worked from the time she was twenty-two until twenty-nine, saving a little more than half of her salary each year.  In the end she had a nest egg north of $300,000.  She deemed that enough money to retire, move to a country where the cost of living was about third of the United States, and now lives a modest lifestyle.  

I wondered about what would drive a person to save so purposefully, work so diligently, and keep a resolve so firmly for seven years to accomplish this goal?  I then sat, a little morose, and wondered what type of goal it really was she was working toward.  My mind daydreamed further about her life and I wondered about what type of life she really had in front of her? What will occupy her time?  How will she get along without seeing her family only a couple of times a year?  Who does this sort of thing?  It wasn’t very long before I had written her off entirely as a person I wouldn’t like very much, as someone I wouldn’t have much in common with value wise, as someone I didn’t want to model for my future.

Then, as I was preparing for the sermon last week, I got caught reading through the Gospel of Luke, letting the powerful testimony of Jesus empower and convict me the way it tends to do.  I stopped and meditated on the life Jesus lead and before I knew it I was drawing all sorts of comparisons between this woman in the article and Jesus.  Jesus had a stable job in Nazareth.  Jesus had a loving family in Nazareth.  Jesus was thirty when, all of sudden, he quit his job and took off around the country as a homeless street preacher.  

If Jesus were to have written an article about his life and I were to have read it, I’m sure I would have found his life choice interesting.  I am sure I would have been intrigued by someone who was willing to do something out of the normal societal expectations, and the longer I thought about it, the more I am certain I would have decided I didn’t want to model my future after His way of life either.  

God calls each of us out of our comfort zones.  God sent his son, Jesus, so we could be reminded that we are not called to live ordinary lives that make sense, we are called to live extraordinary lives in the service of God and for the purpose of the Kingdom of God.  If someone were to read an article about your life, would they find it odd?  Would they find it different from everyone else’s?  Would they understand the purpose behind it was to bring about the Kingdom of God and point people to the Way, the Way of Jesus Christ?   

Retired twenty nine year old lady living halfway around the world, I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have judged your life choices.  I don’t know you, and even though the choice you made was strange to me, I certainly hope there are people who hear about my life and want to know more about what I hope is a strange, but wonderful, life serving God.