Come Aboard

    Over the weekend I spoke with a friend who got the rare privilege of stepping aboard and touring an active nuclear submarine.  He spoke about the multiple security checks and tight security guarding the submarine.  It was an ordeal just to get onboard.  

     Once he was aboard, he talked about what an amazing experience it was watching the sailors work in the tight confines.  He spoke with one of the shipman about his job.  This particular sailor watched the sonar for hours on end.  This was his one and only job.  He would sit in front of screens and watch to make sure nothing was coming toward the submarine.  It was his only job: he didn’t eat lunch, he didn’t eat dinner, he didn’t even take a bathroom break during his shift, he just did his job.  All in all he said the experience was amazing and from the way he talked about it, I know he was telling the truth.

     As he was sharing, I kept thinking about our submarine trip upcoming.  That’s right, all of our children are going to be submerged in just a couple of days, June 6th-10th.  We will encounter Jules and Verne.  We will meet Rufus the Glow Fish.  But most importantly, we are going to explore the depths of the ocean and the depths of the Bible as we learn that Jesus sees. Jesus knows. Jesus saves.

     I know not everyone will be able to board the submarine, but everyone can be in prayer for our kids to have a positive experience and to encounter God during VBS.  God is going to do amazing things next week.  The security detail won’t be nearly as tight, and it shouldn’t be an ordeal to get aboard our submarine.  I know you will be praying and I hope you will take your job as seriously as the sailor my friend met and invite someone to join us on submarine.