Thank You

What an incredible week!  The church was filled each morning with bright and energetic children excited to sing praise to God, learn stories about God, and enjoy being at Royston Baptist Church.  The children really did Dive Deep as they explored the treasures of God’s Word.  

VBS doesn’t happen without the support of so many people.  

Teresa Phillips, I thank you for your direction, guidance, and overseeing of our Children’s area.  You have a heart for these children.  You have a passion for Children’s ministry.  You have a gift for recruitment and delegation to make all of this happen.  Thank you for all you do!  

Jina Harris, I thank you for the innumerable hours you put into VBS this year.  When asked to play a critical part in the planning and implementation of VBS, you said yes and went to work.  I am grateful for all the planning and praying you have done.  

Autumn DeGraves, I love all the decorations you added.  You transformed our sanctuary into a submarine and our children’s department hallway into an ocean floor.  It was incredible.  

Teachers, volunteers, nursery workers, youth, and everyone that took of their time to make VBS happen this year, thank you!  VBS doesn’t happen without you!  

We had an incredible week.  I can’t wait to see what God does with all the seeds that were planted this past week!  After all the motto for the week says it all: Jesus sees, Jesus knows, Jesus saves.