Keep Alert

1st Corinthians 16: 13-14

Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong.

Let all that you do be done in love.


It is never a pleasant experience saying goodbye to a staff member.  It is even harder when you’ve had the privilege of working alongside the staff member from summer intern up to trusted staff member.  Caleb, you have been a safety net for me.  I knew I had someone who could step in at any moment and lead if something happened.  I watched you cultivate a youth group toward trust and love that kept God first and the Bible as your guide.  I fully trusted the direction you were taking the youth group.  Thank you for being you and for all the energy you brought into your calling.

As you pursue other callings: the calling of school, the calling of marriage, the calling of a professional career, and the calling of whatever God has in front of you I ask you keep 1st Corinthians 16: 13-14 as a light in front of you.  Keep this verse as an encourager beside you.  Keep this verse as motivator pushing you from behind.  Keep this verse as a protection over top you.  I encourage you to memorize this verse for the next stage of your journey.  Take each phrase to heart.  

You have so much in front of you, keep alert.  This world is full of wonderful opportunities, but also snares and traps; so keep alert.  Stand firm in your faith.  I know you are deeply rooted in your faith, let it guide and direct you.  Be courageous and strong, Caleb.  There are many opportunities when we step out of our comfort zone with God’s push to do the bold things God calls for us to do.  And I know you will do all things in love, but keep that in mind as well.   

God has called you away from Royston Baptist Church, but as you said Sunday, it is your home church.  You are always welcome here.  You better visit often!  I have learned a great deal from you.  I am glad to call you colleague and friend.  Don’t be a stranger and know wherever God is leading you next we all at RBC want to know about it so we can support you in prayer.  Shalom, Caleb!

Jonathan Barlow