Summer Reflections

Summertime Reflections from Pastor Barlow


In the summertime the days are longer.  

Do you spend the extra time thanking God for your extra sunshine?


In the summertime you take a vacation to somewhere 

relaxing and fun with people you love the most.

What can you learn about Sabbath keeping 

from your summer vacation?


In the summertime we treasure 

homemade ice cream and watermelon.

Are there any special traditions you have 

with God during the summer?  

If not, could you add one?


In the summertime we read a fun summer book.

Which book of the Bible do you sense 

God calling you read this summer?


In the summertime we tackle 

big summer projects around the house.

What is a summer project has God 

given for you to do on God’s behalf?


In the summertime we go to the pool to rest and relax.

When is the last time you relaxed in arms of God?


Summertime is such a fun time of year, 

I pray you bring God into the middle of it!