What does it mean to be mission minded?

    What does it mean to be mission minded?  Instead of a definition, how about a story from the Bible.  It is one that we all know well, the story of Zacchaeus.  We remember the story because of the song, but many of us forget how reviled Zacchaeus was before Jesus begged him out of the tree.  Many of us forget what a scandal it must have been for Jesus to dine with such a person.  When I reread this story, I see through the eyes of Jesus someone who is mission minded.  

    When you look out at the world around you, at the people in their cars humming by, at the strangers waiting in line before you, and at the person walking up and down the street obviously with nowhere to go, do you see Zacchaeus or someone else?  Do you see someone hurting and looking for someone to call them by name, give them a second chance, pray for them, or something else?

    When we are mission minded we don’t always stop and help, Jesus didn’t even do that, he couldn’t!  When we are mission minded, however, we look for the Karios moment when God is asking us to see the stranger as something different, something more, and when the leading of God tells us to stop, we stop; to give, we give; to share, we share; and to pray, we pray.  It is about a mindset.  It’s about being mission minded.

    Make plans to be with us as we start a new sermon series on Oct. 2nd and learn how to become Mission Minded as individuals and as a church.