Principles of Hospitality

1st Peter 4:9: Be hospitable to one another without complaining.

Royston Baptist has seen a lot of guests in the last couple of weeks.  It is exciting to see new faces that have heard from you about what is going on in the church and take the plunge to come and try us out.  To that end, I want to remind you of some general principles of hospitality.  (These come from one of my favorite books, Setting the Table by Danny Meyer)

1) Offer optimistic warmth (genuine kindness, thoughtfulness, and a glass half full mentality

2) Be Curious- Ask more questions about the other than you share about yourself

3) Have a strong work ethic- do everything within your power to ensure beforehand everything is ready for a guest, even before they arrive

4) Offer empathy- be mindful of how a guest will feel and have an awareness of, care for, and connection to how others feel and take the actions to make others feel comfortable

5) Be Self -Aware and have integrity- Royston Baptist is a great church, but we are different in some ways than others, don’t be ashamed to know who we are and articulate it clearly

I have boasted so many times before of the kindness of RBC, but I thought these were goo general reminders as we welcome both the faithful and the first timers to RBC.  Thank you for all you do to be such an open and welcoming church, let’s keep it up!