Who was Martha Sterns Marshall?

Martha Kate Hall will be this year’s Martha Sterns Marshall Preacher.  Martha Kate works as the Associate Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia.  In this role she coordinates the programming of CBF of GA, walks alongside the networking of young Baptists, children, and youth in their curriculum and Christian education.  I have personally seen what an incredible job she does in coordinating, planning, and dreaming about how children and adults can come to know Jesus through bible study and live for Jesus through their actions.  

Martha Kate will be our third Martha Sterns Marshall Preacher.   There are many in our congregagtion who are still unaware of who Martha Sterns Marshall was in Baptist history.  I don’t want to steal Martha Kate’s thunder, as she will be preaching about this, but here is a brief glimpse:

Martha Stearns Marshall, an eighteenth-century Separate Baptist, was a preacher. Her husband, Daniel, converted during the First Great Awakening, and the couple then spent eighteen months living among a tribe of Mohawk Indians, hoping to win them to Christianity.

Stearns, a powerful and eloquent speaker, found in North Carolina “a people almost destitute of religious privileges, but ready to listen to the earnest proclamation of the truth.” In 1755, Stearns founded a Baptist church at Sandy Creek, and within seventeen years, the church grew from 16 to 606 members.

Please make plans to come and hear Martha Kate, our Martha Sterns Marshall Preacher on February 5th.