By the time you read this newsletter article, Lent will already be upon us.  Each year I make us us aware of these Christian traditions that connect us to the larger body of Christ, and keep us in a rhythm that is different from the world around us.  As everything begins to bloom, followers of Christ choose a time of prayer and penance.  Symbolically we head off to the wilderness along with Jesus to prepare for Easter.

Part of the tradition of Lent is to remove something from your life.  I encourage you to think of this not as a sacrifice but as an offering to focus your heart for Easter.  A new tradition is also bubbling up, adding things.  The Lenten Positive Acts Challenge in one of a myriad of movements that consider adding a positive act during the forty days of Lent. (47 if you include the Sundays)  

Ash Wednesday was March 1st.  Easter is April 16th.  I hope you will take measures to prepare your heart for Easter by considering giving up or adding something into your routine.  I am praying that the time you spend in the wilderness will bear the beautiful results of joy come Sunday morning.