The Via Dolorosa

Pastor Jonathan Barlow

Pastor Jonathan Barlow

The Super Bowl is by far and away the most important professional football game. The Tony Awards Ceremony is the highlight of live theater. Many people believe Christmas is the most important event in a Christian’s life. I, however, believe that most important event belongs to Easter. I especially believe this when you add in the Passion Narrative, Jesus’ journey into Jerusalem, and then his torturous trek on the Via Dolorosa, ending at Golgotha.  

If the story ended there, on Good Friday at Golgotha, it would be a tragedy.  Thanks be to God it doesn’t end on Friday, and we living today have the good fortune of knowing, as Tony Campolo infamously says, “Sunday’s coming!” The resurrection is the most important event we celebrate as Christians. It’s bigger than the Super Bowl, the Tonys, even Christmas.

Take time and read The Passion Narrative again. Place yourself in another person’s shoes; the disciples and the soldiers keeping watch over Jesus as he dies, Mary the mother of Jesus as she weeps at the cross, or one chanting, “crucify Him.”

The celebration is coming and our last preparation for Easter is before us. Are you preparing to hear the angel proclaim, “He is not here, He is risen”?