Coming home from New York while on the plane, I listened in on a conversation of two people in the horse racing industry. One was a jockey who raced the Kentucky Derby five times and the other a seasoned veterinarian who has been on the track at all the major races for years.

They were passionate about horses. They were passionate about racing and the industry. They told story after story that kept me intrigued. Finally, I confessed my eaves dropping and thanked them for their passion and great story telling.

I was left with a question, if two pastors or two dedicated lay persons from different towns met on a plane, would they talk so passionately about their church, about God, about Christianity?  If you are passionate about something, you talk about it. If you love something, you can’t help but tell stories about it. We should not be ashamed to talk about the love of God and the ways we are showing it. I know those two horse lovers weren’t, and it made me more interested. Hopefully we will be the same about the God we love!