Visitor Center

What is Royston Baptist Church like?

It’s really hard to pin it down!  We like to think of ourselves as educated Baptists committed to meeting the needs of the community around us.  Royston Baptist Church has been on the corner of Cook and Church street since 1882 and we are committed to showing people the love of God through action and word.  We want to cloth the naked, feed the hungry, care for those in need.  We take seriously studying the Bible and making it relevant to our setting today.  We welcome different voices than our own and have many different opinions on almost any topic!  We believe that’s okay because more important than an opinion on a topic is people and loving people.  We love one another first! 

The worship is varied.  We use both a screen and hymnals.  We sing contemporary, traditional, southern gospel, as well as other movements from time to time.  We follow the lectionary at times and do sermon series on current events as well.  We are a family church open to others being a part of what God is doing in our midst.

We have a passion for children and youth!  We over-invest in our future because we know the importance of overseeding at such a critical age.  We know that if someone makes a decision to follow the ways of Jesus Christ during those early years they have that many more years to live out the teachings of Jesus the rest of their lives!

We have a passion for Special Needs.  We are committed to creatively involving people with Speical Needs community into our church.  This is something that has happened in the past couple of decades.  Our motto is, "We will make it work!  We might not have a plan at first, but we will make it work!"  If you are looking for a place that welcomes someone with special needs, child or adult, we hope you will give us a try!

We are a teaching church!  Royston Baptist Church is a great training ground for young ministers that are trying on ministry for the first time and consider our church a safe place to experiment with ministry!  Each semester you will find college students teaching bible studies, leading worship, singing in the choir, running the sound board, leading our children's programs.  We understand that in the midst of doing in a loving environment, these college students are cutting their teeth in ministry.  If you are interesting in an internship talk with one of the ministers on staff! 


What’s it like to visit Royston Baptist Church?

We have a saying that scrolls on overhead screen during the announcements that is our call to visitors, “Welcome Home!”  Even if you are a first time visitor we want you to feel like you are coming home.  The church is welcoming, laid back, excited about growing.  We are looking forward to visitors.  In fact, we don't even think of you as visitors but rather as welcomed guests! 

You will be greeted at the door. You will be given a welcome packet with a gift letting you know we are glad you are here. 

If you are coming for Sunday School the greeter will ask a few simple questions to make sure you are taken to the right place.  You will be given a Sunday School book covering the topic currently being studied.  

If you are bringing children, the greeter will help you get them signed in, introduced totheir Sunday School teacher, given a beeper in case of emergencies, and then taken to a Sunday School class. 

Just joining us for the  11 AM worship service, great!  The greeters will welcome you, help you find a seat and make sure those around you make you feel welcome as well.  The service will feature singing, prayer, specials, a sermon and often other surprises. 

Here is what we print in the order of worship explaining our service to guests:

Gather- This is an informal time.  Feel free to get up and mingle with those around you.  Once the piano begins playing the prelude music, we ask that you start to focus your heart on what God has in store for you.
Celebrating- During this time we sing, we give thanks, we share testimonies, and we celebrate as a gathered body of believers that God is the One True God.
Proclaiming- Through Scripture(s) read, special musical movement, through the preaching event, and at times through another creative way we proclaim God is real and we proclaim what God is teaching us today.
Responding- It is our hope and prayer each life will be different from the start of the morning.  You may need to speak with someone about what is happening and respond in some way.  During this time we will give an option for people to share what is happening.  We will also take up an offering as a way to respond with our finances.  
Guests, if you haven’t already received a welcome bad, make sure you ask for one.  Inside you will find a gift and other information about Royston Baptist.  If you have any questions please see a greeter, as staff member, or anyone sitting around you!

You will be asked to fill out a visitor card.  We hope you will but it’s not mandatory.  At the end of the service, after the benediction we would love to give you a welcome bag thanking you for choosing to worship with us!

What if I have more questions?

Email or call the church office 706-245-9701.  If you need a specific question for an area of ministry, please check the staff page and email them, they would love to hear from you as well!